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Young Adults....

have a lot to say but are often misunderstood.

'Oh, they're just acting up again/spends all day in bed/lazy'

'You know what teenagers are like'.

'They're always in their room and won't talk to me.'

Young adults want to be understood, but above all else,,,,they need to be listened to, valued and heard. Really HEARD.


There are many benefits of counselling for young adults, e.g. handling the arrival of a new sibling (an emotional experience which shouldn't be ignored), new partner, bullying, being adopted, parents, pressures of education, peer pressure, body image, social media, Friends, sexuality, LIFE, Social Media pressures, etc.

I believe the process of handling these issues have to be managed sensitively and confidentially in a space where, in your own time, you will feel safe enough to openly explore the issues you may be facing without the risk of judgement or criticism. And be HEARD.

Each session will last for 60 minutes; and this can either be face to face, via Zoom call, arranged home visit or over the phone, whichever suits you best.

Your Investment £45

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