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You never have to struggle alone...

What does the word ‘Individual’ conjure up for you?

Here at Les Best Counselling it means There is no other person like you. And to me, that is something special. Very special indeed!.


We will work towards helping you to deal with whatever personal issues you may have in your life that contribute to you experiencing feelings such as anger, depression, fear, anxiety, etc. Be that with a relationship, career, children, parents, friends, Social Media or just LIFE itself. It really is All About the individual that is YOU!

You will be in a safe and confidential space where you can explore these feelings, beliefs and behaviours and identify the areas that you may want to change allowing you to better understand yourself and what is happening to and around you.

If you're not yet sure, why not have the free 20 minute consultation to give you a good feel of the benefits of counselling for you, and to ensure you are comfortable with me as your counsellor.

Each session will last for 60 minutes; and this can either be face to face or via Zoom call, whichever suits you best.

Your Investment £50

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