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A Little About Me

It’s by no accident that I am a counsellor. Around the time my son was born I got the feeling that I wanted to 'give something back.' What exactly, I didn’t have a clue. I attended various personal development courses, sought my own counselling, trained to be a Youth Offending Team (YOT) mentor working alongside troubled teens and realised that this was the type of ‘giving back’ I was looking for. My next step was to lay myself bare on the counsellor training courses, which in turn has led me to work as an in-school counsellor as part of the Place2Be programme whilst volunteering as a bereavement counsellor at the nearby Blythe House Hospice covering a wide range of issues from death, anger, fear, loss, pain, confidence, anxiety, stress, etc. All very personal, and very Real.

Based in the Derbyshire High Peak, I also have a practice in Central Manchester. I am a fully qualified and practicing Person Centred counsellor with clients from as far as North Manchester to Glossop & Streatham to Banstead and experienced at working alongside adults and young people from all areas and backgrounds.

Individuals and couples are very welcome via face to face, Zoom or phone call.

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