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Hello... have just taken a big step away from Mental Illness towards Mental Wellness.

Specialising in counselling for


Young people



Life is a journey....

Do you find Life today to be stressful and demanding? Do those demands along with unresolved childhood or relationship issues leave you feeling anxious, overwhelmed and often........alone. Add to that the issues that Social Media can bring and just getting out of bed can feel unbearable.  This may well be the reason you've decided to seek help.

Here at LBC we will work to identify the often underlying issues or difficulties in your life that may be contributing to holding you back from enjoying your here and now. Together WE will invest in YOU at a pace that works best for you. You will never be forced to discuss anything you prefer not to.

As a trained counselling professional I offer a safe and welcoming space where, through a relationship built on trust and confidentiality, I will help you to better understand and free yourself from long-held negative beliefs and feelings of anxiety, depression, fear, anger or whatever it is that's keeping you from being who or where you want to be. You're on a journey which gets better from here.  

   For You ...

Engaging in professional counselling can provide many long term benefits including:


  • Improved Personal growth and awareness.

  • Healthier and more fulfilling relationships.

  • Healthy coping mechanisms through support.

  • Ability to better manage anxiety and depression.

  • Improved ability to make informed choices

  • Greatly improved self-esteem and self-worth.

  • Acceptance and forgiveness of yourself and others.

  • Improved communication skills.

  • The power to simply say No!!

Therapy Session
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Services Available for You

What People Say..

I didn't believe in this kind of thing until I went to Les.  Thank you so much

(James, London)

Thank you. He said he is getting a lot out of the sessions.

(Anon, Derbys)

I don't know if its the Person Centred approach which was so perfect for me but his manner encouraged me to open up in my own time.

(Denise, Whaley B)

Thank you. I think I'm ready to write my story now. 

(Anon. Manchester)

I didn't think I needed to talk to anyone 

(Iain, Croydon)

Can't believe my shrink's the only one not hassling me.


I'm getting better all the time....people don't understand it. (Neil, NM)

Hi Les, just wanted to say ????? has been gr8 on hol, the best he has ever been, and that's all down to you. THANK YOU.XXX


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